Find more words! [9] In particular, the last two verses, in which the protagonist is laughing on the phone, are interpreted by Battisti in an extremely expressive way, rippling the singing with a forced laugh, which transposes into music the meaning of lyrics. The duo primarily recorded in Italian but have also released a great number of records in Spanish and French. Nel sole (EMI / La voce del padrone, 1967) Il ragazzo che sorride (EMI / La voce del padrone, 1968) Pensando a te (EMI / La voce del padrone, 1969) A cavallo di due stili (EMI Italiana, 1970) 1972 (EMI Italiana, 1972) Verso il sole (WEA, 1997) Ancora in volo (WEA, 1999) Volare — My Favorite Italian Songs (WEA, 1999) Canto al sole (BMG, 2001) Carrisi canta Caruso (BMG, 2002) La mia Italia (Edel, 2004) Le … In 1995, the couple released their last studio album together, Emozionale, followed by a video version, Una vita emozionale. Case_nel_Sole,_Carlo_Carrà_fatto_da_Giovannicaciotta.png ‎ (417 × 301 pixels, file size: 203 KB, MIME type: image/png) File information. I was so “full” … The group formed in 1971 in Olbia, Sardinia, as the result of the merging of two previous groups, MAL P2 and The Angels. [5], The song's composition probably dates back to the beginning of autumn of 1966. Al Bano - Nel Sole Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. - Pensando a te (EMI Italiana, qelp 8188) 1970. What came out of that was, of course, 29 settembre.[12]. Mezzanotte D’Amore 1987 14. Over time, the song has been reinterpreted by many other artists: The voiceover of the radio speaker used to mark the transition between the part about September 29 and the part about September 30, Last edited on 28 December 2020, at 21:13, "29 settembre, come nacque la leggenda di Battisti", "Quando "Seduto in quel caffè io non pensavo a te, 29 settembre, Mogol: "Una canzone moderna, il primo vero 'salto' di Lucio", "Discografia Nazionale della Canzone Italiana", "Oggi, 29 settembre: dieci cover di "29 settembre,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, "Nel sole, nel vento, nel sorriso e nel pianto". File:Case nel Sole, Carlo Carrà fatto da Giovannicaciotta.png. The song appeared on Al Bano's solo album A cavallo di due stili. Al Bano and Romina Power are an Italian pop music duo formed in 1975 by then-married couple Albano Carrisi and Romina Power. Al bano nel sole 1967.png 806 × 442; 415 KB. Almost without realizing it, the two enter into intimacy and spend the whole night together, first at the restaurant and then dancing. was released in the same year. They participated twice in Eurovision Song Contest to a moderate success and performed five times at Sanremo Music Festival, winning in 1984 with the song "Ci sarà". [16], The song was published as a single in the last days of March 1967, in monophonic version, as the A-side of a 7″ vinyl disc which had È dall'amore che nasce l'uomo in the B-side.[17]. [14] For this purpose, Battisti and Mogol had Mariano Detto listening the song, and asked him to make an arrangement; he immediately sensed its potential and immediately set to work. First of all, he removed the voiceover radio news announcer, a strongly innovative element in the Equipe's version, which was considered no longer necessary (since the story told was now widely known to the public and there was no need to make its understanding easier). In 1981, they released the single "Sharazan", which went on to become their breakthrough international hit, and released a Spanish language album. Bianca Di Luna 1987 *favorite 7. His mother named him Albano because, when he was born, his father was fi… read more. [6] The single was a minor chart hit in Italy. The story takes place over two consecutive days. Il sole, l'aria, la luce, il cielo (1977) Io ti porto via (1978) Che ne sai (1979) Alla fine di un lavoro (1980) Campione (1981) Collezione (1982) Compagnia (1982) Il primo Riccardo Fogli (Collection) (1982) Torna a sorridere (1984) 1985 (1985) Le infinite vie del cuore (1987) Storie di tutti i giorni (Collection) (1987) Amore di guerra (1988) Non finisce così (1989) Sentirsi uniti (1990) A metà del viaggio (1991) Canzoni … It appeared on their next album, Felicità (released as Aria pura in some territories[3]), which was a chart success. [7] The two reunited in 2013, reportedly only on a professional basis, for a concert performance in Moscow (their first live performance together in sixteen years). - Nel sole (EMI Italiana, psq 048) 1968. Le canzoni di Dario Fo, volume 1; Carolina Dreams; Carta straccia (album) La casa del serpente; Cat Scratch Fever; Caught Live + 5; Cento anni ancora; Il centro del fiume; Cerrone III - Supernature; Cheap Trick (1977) Cherished; Chic (album) Chicago XI; The Chieftains 7 ; The Chieftains Live! 1969 - Si tu no estas...hay amor; 1973 - Su cara su sonrisa; 2008 - Todos sus grandes exitos en español; 2009 - La mia opera; 2012 - Canta Italia; Al Bano & Romina Power Albume. According to the testimony of musicologist Salvatore Galeazzo Biamonte, the song was composed with the precise will to overcome the classical schemes of the traditional song: Lucio [...] was in Mogol's office who, as if to keep faith with his reputation of "pop song theorist" [...], had engaged in a discussion about the need to find new themes and new forms to be offered in songs verses. Angelo Di Strada 1987 12. Nel sole is a 1967 Italian musicarello film directed by Aldo Grimaldi.The title is a reference to the Al Bano's hit song with the same name. Vedi le condizioni d'uso per i dettagli. The couple also shot seven films, based on their songs, between 1967 and 1984. The nature of flashback of the first day is also strengthened by the vague and muffled style with which the events are described, giving them the appearance of an undefined memory, which emerges with difficulty from the mind: the succession of events is indeed «swirling»[7][9] and with very nuanced outlines, with many ellipses between one event and another. The same year, they participated in the Sanremo Music Festival with the song "Felicità", and finished second. The two separated and divorced in 1999, but reunited professionally in 2013. Their 1983 compilation Amore mio was met with a great commercial success in German speaking countries. Norwegian singer-songwriter Terje Nordgarden covered the song in 2005. At first, during 1966, Battisti and Mogol proposed the song to Gianni Pettenati, but he was not entirely convinced and therefore refused to sing it. [5], The choice of musical instruments is also more traditional: the arrangement consists of a tangle of guitars, bass and flutes, while there is no drum at all. Captions. He is widely recognized for songs that defined the late 1960s and 1970s era of Italian songwriting. Al bano nel sole.png 853 × 467; 487 KB. They continued to perform live as a duo in 2014 and 2015, including at Sanremo 2015. (EMI Italiana, 3C062-17794) 1974. They were highly successful in Italy and mainland Europe throughout the 1980s and the early 1990s. - La strada/Devo dirti di no (Fantasy , fs 1011) 1966. Albano e Romina Power si sono incontrati sul set del film Nel sole, girato sulla base della canzone dallo stesso titolo nel 1967. Their debut single, "Storia di due innamorati", was released the same year by the labels La voce del padrone and Odeon, and went on to become a minor hit in Italy. Nel sole is a 1967 Italian musicarello film directed by Aldo Grimaldi. [5], The main innovation is Battisti's vocal performance, which in the opinion of Stefanel is superior to Maurizio Vandelli's one. Media in category "Nel sole" The following 12 files are in this category, out of 12 total. 1988 - Fragile; 1990 - … - Il ragazzo che sorride (EMI Italiana, spsq 064) 1969. Equipe 84 was at the peak of popularity at the time,[14] and a short time before it was defined by John Lennon «the most up to date among Italian bands»;[13] being the author of a song played by Equipe 84 would have given anyone great importance. Le più belle canzoni: 1991: 53:35: Oggi sposi - Nel sole - Dialogo - Ci sarà - Sempre sempre - Acqua di mare - Nessun dorma - Felicità - Ballo del qua qua - Nostalgia canaglia - Mattino - Libertà - Sharazan - Ave Maria Vincerai: 1992: 50:16: Vincerai - Tu soltanto tu - We'll Live It All Again - Makassar - Cara terra mia - Il poeta (Yunus Emrè) - Che angelo sei - Prima notte d'amore - Io ti cerco - Caro Gesù - Commesso … According to Stefanel, the coda throws an ambiguous light on the mood of the protagonist, leaving open if the return with his partner is really happy or actually forced.[9]. He was born in the town of Cellino San Marco (province of Brindisi, Apulia in Southern Italy), where he still lives. Pensando a Te 1987 16. Tele Ricordi (La TiVù che non c'è più) è il canale di flaniman 10. Text je dostupný pod licencí Creative Commons Uveďte autora – … [21] The transfer took place on February 21, 1969. In 1991, Al Bano and Romina Power participated in the Sanremo Music Festival for the fifth and final time as a duo, this time around with the song "Oggi sposi", placing at the eighth position. Battisti recorded … It was Battisti's first song to be played by Equipe 84, a partnership which subsequently continued with three more songs: Nel cuore, nell'anima, Ladro and Hey ragazzo. In October 1968, the song was included in the album Stereoequipe, where it was released for the first time in stereophonic version. [5], According to Renzo Stefanel, Battisti's version is psychedelic too, but is inspired by Buffalo Springfield, Peter, Paul and Mary and Tyrannosaurus Rex rather than Byrds and Love who inspired the Equipe's version. In 1976 they won the Castrocaro Music Festival with the romantic "Due ragazzi nel sole", which turned to be a hit and peaked at third place on the Italian hit parade. The two married in 1970 in Cellino San Marco.Their debut single, "Storia di due innamorati", was released the same year by the labels La voce … [4] In 1985, they participated in the Eurovision Song Contest for the second and final time, with the song "Magic Oh Magic" and, again, took the seventh place.[5]. The song "Settembre" featured the voice of their baby daughter Cristel, while for "Lord Byron" they used recordings of Byron's poetry by Tyrone Power. Use * for blank tiles (max 2) Advanced Search Advanced Search: Use * for blank spaces Advanced Search: Advanced Word Finder: See Also in Italian. He recorded some major hits such as La siepe and Nel sole at that time. In 1996, Al Bano participated solo in the Sanremo Music Festival, singing "È la mia vita", while Romina took part in the television mini-series The Return of Sandokan. Alla fine di aprile del 1967 incisi Nel sole, la canzone che, come ho detto, è stata ed è ancora il mio cavallo di battaglia.. Pur non avendo mai studiato musica, componevo canzoni. The song was also often performed during his summer tour of 1969.[25]. Power also released three solo albums between 1969 and 1974. [6] In the same year, they celebrated 25 years of their joint artistic career and released two greatest hits anthologies: Le più belle canzoni (in Italy) and Vincerai (in Europe). 13, Storia di Oggi 1971 9. La sua voce, dotata di una bella estensione, lo mette in luce e lo fa apprezzare dal pubblico e dalla stampa che parla di un "secondo Claudio Villa". And he played at the piano a motif he had prepared. Maurizio Vandelli recorded a new version in 1989, with a new arrangement written by Pino Santapaga, Equipe 84 published a live version in the 1995 album. 2017 v 13:49. [5] However, it was noted that the date of September 29 coincides with the birthday of his wife of the time, Serenella;[10] this aspect could suggest an autobiographical nature of the text, almost a public confession of an infidelity made by the author. [19], In 1967 Equipe 84 recorded an English version of the song titled 29th September, with lyrics translated by Tommy Scott. English Translation. NEL SOLE (Pino Massara, Vito Pallavicini) – Al Bano, 1967. lació del poder de la Dictadura dels Coronels. The couple's daughter Ylenia sang a duet with Romina in "Abbi fede". [6] The album Libertà! Portale Cinema : accedi alle voci di Wikipedia che trattano di cinema Nel 1967 ottiene il suo primo grande successo con la canzone Nel sole. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. ( EN ) Nel sole , su Internet Movie Database , In 1997, he released a solo album Concerto classico, and she published a book about her father, entitled Cercando mio padre in 1998. Battisti recorded his version mostly at Sax Records studios in Milan. I followed my instincts, I elaborated on the guitar the melodies that formed inside me and, once finished, I recorded them on a tape recorder. La mia canzone per Maria 3:10 (7) Nel sole, nel vento, nel sorriso e nel pianto 2:45 (3) Uno in pi ù 3:43 (3) Non è Francesca 3:55 (7) Balla Linda 3:06 (4) Per una lira 2:27 (5) Prigioniero del mondo 3:26 (3) Io vivrò (senza te) 3:56 (5) Nel cuore, nell'anima 2:21 (4) Il vento 3:31 (5) Literatura. Nel sole – film del 1967, diretto da Aldo Grimaldi Questa pagina è stata modificata per l'ultima volta il 21 dic 2017 alle 23:56. In this way psychedelia, until then a mostly musical topic, was brought by Mogol also in the lyrics sphere. In 1975, the couple released their first album as a duo, Atto I (also known as Dialogo and Arena blanca, mar azul), which included popular song "Dialogo". However, police efforts yielded no results. It is one of the best-known songs both in Battisti's and in the Equipe 84 production, and is considered a classic of Italian pop music.[6]. [9], Strings and brasses, at first discrete, later acquire a more important role,[5] and finally result in an instrumental coda which closes the track. "Nel sole" Single by Al Bano; from the album 'Nel sole' B-side "Pensieri "P" 33" Released: March 1967: Genre: Pop: Length: 3: 50: Label: La voce del padrone: Songwriter(s) Al Bano, Pino Massara and Vito Pallavicini: Al Bano singles chronology "Io di notte" (1966) "Nel sole" (1967) "L'oro del mondo" (1967) "Nel sole" is a song composed by Al Bano, Pino Massara and Vito Pallavicini, and performed by Al Bano. The story told, in fact, is not a single episode (as almost always happened in the pop music of the time) but a complex story, which takes place in two days.[3]. This page was last edited on 28 December 2020, at 21:13. Albano Carrisi met Romina Power, daughter of American actor Tyrone Power, during the filming of the movie Nel sole, named after one of his songs, in 1967.He had already released a number of solo recordings and she by then had appeared in several Italian films. At the beginning of 1969, Battisti, who was now beginning to establish himself as a singer, decided to record his own version of the song, to include it in his debut album Lucio Battisti. … It is not clear who had this idea: Maurizio Vandelli, Mogol, and Ricordi's production manager Paolo Ruggeri all took the credit. He was born in the town of … "Perhaps" replied Battisti, "I have the right music". The title is a reference to the Al Bano 's hit song with the same name. [14] So Battisti renounced to sing it personally and consented to hand it over, despite Mariano Detto insisted that it was the right song to launch his career as a singer. Equipe 84 played the song using lip sync inside the 1967 musicarello movie I ragazzi di Bandiera Gialla. In 1990, they released the album Fotografia di un momento, with the successful single "Donna per amore", followed by the Christmas album Weihnachten bei uns zu Hause released in Germany, which later appeared in Italy as Corriere di Natale. It topped the Italian charts for five weeks[1] and led to Battisti's definitive affirmation as a composer. Battisti's rendering was published on March 5, 1969 in the eponymous LP Lucio Battisti, his debut album as a singer. "La mia canzone per Maria" "Nel sole, nel vento, nel sorriso e nel pianto" "Uno in più" "Non è Francesca" "Balla Linda" "Per una lira" "Prigioniero del mondo" "Io vivrò (senza te)" "Nel cuore, nell'anima" "Il vento" At the beginning of 1969, Battisti, who was now beginning to establish himself as a singer, decided to record his own version of the song, to include it in his debut album Lucio Battisti. [2] It is Notable for the innovative lyrics and sound[3] heavily influenced by psychedelia, so much so that the song is nicknamed "Italy's Sergeant Pepper's" for the impact and the influence it had on the Italian music scene. [14] A few weeks before the studio had been equipped with an eight-track recorder, the first ever in an Italian recording studio: so 29 settembre was the first song in Italy to be fully recorded with this new equipment. Nel sole, su CineDataBase, Rivista del cinematografo. Career. [11][13], In February 1967, just after the end of Sanremo, Battisti resumed composing the song and finally completed it. Nel sole diventa anche un film, che avrà per protagonista lui e una giovane figlia d'arte, Romina Power: tra i due si crea un legame sentimentale che sfocerà più tardi, nonostante l'opposizione … [21], At last, in February, overdubs of strings and horns were added in the Ricordi studios in Milan. Tre anni dopo, il duo registrò la sua prima canzone, Storia di due innamorati e il 26 luglio 1970 Al Bano e Romina si sposarono. [11] The song had a long gestation, and remained incomplete for a long time before it was finished.[11]. Nel Sole – Al Bano Testo della è la più grande enciclopedia musicale italiana, sul nostro sito oltre i testi delle canzoni potete trovare: traduzioni delle canzoni, accordi per chitarra, spartiti musicali e molto altro. Even though I had never studied music, I composed songs. [5] Mogol, however, argues that it was a coincidence, which he realized only one day after having written the lyrics. Lucio Battisti is the first album by the Italian singer-songwriter Lucio Battisti.It was released in March 1969 by Dischi Ricordi.. Structured data. 1965. At the end of April 1967 I recorded Nel sole, the song that, as I said before, was and still is my warhorse. Nel 1967 ottiene il suo primo grande successo con la canzone Nel sole. The album was also recorded in Spanish and released as Felicidad. He pretends to be a tycoon with the help of two friends of his: a butler and a chauffeur. The duo would maintain the tradition of recording Spanish versions of their albums in the following years. Alte melodii de succes sunt Io di notte și Bianca di luna.Succesul pieselor a fost atât de mare încât au fost realizate și două filme cu caracter muzical intitulate "Nel sole" și "L'oro del mondo". [14] Vandelli used the studio for so many hours that he angered Ricordi's executives, who complained about excessive costs. In 1988, the couple released the album Fragile, and the following year, took part in Sanremo Music Festival with the song "Cara terra mia", placing at the third position. Vandelli gave much importance to sound research, which is why the recording of the song lasted a long time. Battisti released 18 studio albums from 1969 to … With Romina Power, Al Bano, Linda Christian, Carlo Giordana. He had already released a number of solo recordings and she by then had appeared in several Italian films. [4][5][2], In 1969, the song was reinterpreted by Battisti himself, and later by many other artists in Italy and abroad. Since then it has been republished countless times in collections, compilations and best-ofs. Albano Carrisi met Romina Power, daughter of American actor Tyrone Power, during the filming of the movie Nel sole, named after one of his songs, in 1967. Nel sole/Pensieri "P" 33 – singolo di Al Bano del 1967; Nel sole – album di Al Bano del 1967; Cinema. Nel Sole 1967 *favorite of mine 5. In the Italian society of the 1960s the subject was considered almost a taboo;[7] in pop music, songs based on rosy and idealized loves prevailed, while adultery was almost always portrayed as a serious misconduct. In 1982, the duo broke Italian record with four songs on the Italian hit parade at the same time. [8] The protagonist of 29 settembre, instead, shows no repentance[8] and does not feel guilty when he returns to his partner;[7] the passing of a single day erased everything, and the protagonist does not even remember the previous' night events. Linda christian nel sole 1967.png … In 1999, Al Bano announced their separation in an open letter to the weekly magazine Oggi, in which he explained reasons for their break-up as related to the disappearance of their daughter. Il testo è disponibile secondo la licenza Creative Commons Attribuzione-Condividi allo stesso modo; possono applicarsi condizioni ulteriori. 2 Testo Della Canzone Nel sole, nel vento, nel sorriso e nel pianto di Lucio Battisti (di Mogol – Lucio Battisti)Lucio Battisti – Ribelli * Mia Martini – 1991 Mia Martini in concerto Mio padre disse ragazzo mio se vuoi andare addio […] Moreover, while maintaining chronological order, the lyrics have a relatively complex plot, which does not completely coincide with the course of events. Album È contenuto nei seguenti album: 1977 Rotolando respirando Testo Della Canzone Sara nel sole di Pooh (Facchinetti – Negrini) sara da sei mesi va in citta’la mattina presto prende il trenoe fra i libri il diario e il finestrinonasce il sole forte del mattino.e si affanna la gente nei barmentre il cielo e’ serenosara […] The two married in 1970 in Cellino San Marco. Career. in the sun. [9] The narrative is so blurred and surreal that the listener is kept with the doubt on whether the extramarital adventure really happened, or whether it was just a dream made before waking up. Album È contenuto nei seguenti album: Testo Della Canzone Nel sole di Albano (di Albano Carrisi) perche’ ma perche’ questa notteha le ore piu’ lungheche non passano mai ma perche’ ogni minutodura un’eternita’quando il sole tornera’ e nel sole io verro’ da teun altro uomo troverai in … - 1972. In 1976, they represented Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest with the song "We'll Live It All Again", sung in Italian and English, and finished seventh. Track listing. [11], The transfer was made on March 20, 1967. The message of 29 settembre, therefore, anticipates the sexual revolution which would become widespread on the next year with the Sessantotto movement. Their best known international hits include "Felicità", "Sharazan", "Tu, soltanto tu (Mi hai fatto innamorare)", "Ci sarà", "Sempre sempre", and "Libertà!". Carlo Giordana nel sole.png 595 × 442; 306 KB. [14], Initially Battisti thought of interpreting the song in person:[14] at that time, in fact, the musician (just at the beginning of his career as a singer) was starting to think about publishing a new single, to overcome the fiasco of previous year's debut single Per una lira. Cammina nel sole (singolo) Can You Hear Me (Enrique Iglesias) Can't B Good; Can't Believe It (T-Pain) Can't Speak French; Canzone d'odio; Caramelldansen; Una carezza; Carry You Home; Casey (singolo) Cash Flow (Ace Hood) Il centro del mondo; Certe cose; Change (Samsaya) Change (Taylor Swift) Charlie fa surf; Chasing Pavements; Chasing the Dragon (Epica) Che rumore fa la felicità? [2] The song became widely popular, selling in over 6 million copies and receiving "German Golden Globe 1982". La Canzone di Maria 1987 6. [13], During the recording, it was decided to insert in the song the voiceover of a radio speaker who, while reading the news of the radio bulletin, pronounces the current date, making it easier to understand the chronology of the story told. - A cavallo di due stili (EMI Italiana, 3C062-17722) 1972. Album È contenuto nei seguenti album: 1969 Lucio Battisti 1970 Lucio Battisti Vol. "We should," he said, "tell a whole story, perhaps choosing a date that would serve to remember it, to suggest a specific atmosphere: September 29, for example". The lyrics, written by Mogol, tell the story of an adultery which lasts only one day and is made with lightness of mind, without consequences on the protagonist's other sentimental relationship. - Quando in cielo il sole chiude gli occhi/La … Informativa … The recording took place in the Ricordi studios in Milan. Da Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera. Recording. La canzone del sole/Anche per te è il 13º singolo del cantante italiano Lucio Battisti, pubblicato nel novembre 1971 dalla Numero Uno. Al Bano and Romina released yet one more album in 1982, Che angelo sei, with another big hit "Tu, soltanto tu (Mi hai fatto innamorare)". Tele Ricordi (La TiVù che non c'è più) è il canale di flaniman Canto al sole (2001) Carrisi canta Caruso (2002) La mia Italia (2004) Buon Natale - An Italian Christmas with Al Bano Carrisi (2004) Le radici del cielo (2005) Cercami nel cuore della gente (2007) Buon Natale 2008 (2008) Dai il meglio di te... (2008) L'amore è sempre amore (2009) Nel sole - Concerto dal vivo... e non solo (2019) The Great Italian Songbook (2010) Amanda è libera (2011) Fratelli d'Italia (2012) … All lyrics written by Mogol; all music composed by Lucio Battisti, except where noted. [1] They also recorded the song in Spanish and in French, as "Viviremos todo de nuevo" and "T'aimer encore une fois", respectively. Tu Che M’Hai Preso Il Cuor 1987 17. The song, therefore, takes place entirely on the day of September 30, but the initial part is occupied by a long flashback in which the previous day is recalled, returning in the present only at the end. Caro Caro Amore 1987 8. Il Suo Volto, Il Suo Sorriso 1987 15. Il disco, che ha la particolarità di non essere stato estratto da nessun album, è il primo inciso con la Numero Uno e resta uno dei singoli di maggior successo di Battisti. The duo then made several recordings in French, including hits "Des nuits entières" and "Enlacés sur le sable" (French version of "Prima notte d'amore"). At the time, Battisti still had to discover his own talent as a singer, and he was not fully affirmed even as a song author; for this reason, the song remained for some time within a repertoire that Battisti presented to bands and singers, looking for someone who would sing them. Al Bano este primul album al lui Al Bano lansat în anul 1967 de casa discografică EMI Records.. Albumul conține single-ul Nel sole care a obținut un disc de aur pentru cele peste 1.300.000 de exmplare vândute. Circles in the Stream; Cissy Houston (album 1977) Citadel (Starcastle) Clear Air Turbulence; Clear Sailin' Cluster & … La Casa … The central theme is adultery, a strongly innovative topic for the time. Io Di Notte 1967 *favorite 10. The cover picture, which also featured a psychedelic atmosphere, was shot by Mario Schifano. 1975 - Atto I; 1978 - 1978; 1979 - Aria pura; 1982 - Felicità; 1982 - Che angelo sei; 1984 - Effetto amore; 1986 - Sempre sempre; 1987 - Libertà! Il portale della Canzone italiana NEL SOLE (Pino Massara, Vito Pallavicini) – Al Bano, 1967. [14] For the solo single, Battisti had to fall back on the two lesser known tracks Luisa Rossi and Era, which enjoyed little success. [14], The song, however, also came to the ear of Maurizio Vandelli, leader of Equipe 84, who appreciated it very much and understood to be in front of a potential success:[14] so Vandelli began to ask Mogol and Battisti to have the song for his band.[14]. He married Romina Power (daughter of the American actor Tyrone Power), the woman who ha… read more. Al bano e romina nel sole.png 672 × 368; 341 KB. Helene Chanel nel sole.png 498 × 440; 260 KB. [13], In the song Maurizio Vandelli played the guitar and solo voice, Alfio Cantarella the drums, Franco Ceccarelli the guitar and second voice, while Victor Sogliani the bass and second voice. [5] He said he regrets not having dedicated the song to her from the beginning, while his wife (who knew Mogol's proverbial inattention) understood that the tribute was not intentional and in fact did not thank him.

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