Con questo sito prova a mettere a disposizione le esperienze accumulate negli anni con chi si sta avvicinando a questo mondo. In hisfirst full season, he was crowned FMB World Tour champion as a teenager only for his world to crumble around him with a mystery illness. Les nouveaux pionniers, les nouvelles championnes, les entrepreneurs et innovatrices en tout genre. C’est cet héritage unique que nous avons honoré, réinventé et valorisé. Fly Above the ancient sands of the Moroccan coastline. La montagne est sauvage et nous la protégeons. The Frozen Road is an honest reflection on my solo trip; of the wonder, terror and frustration I experienced when riding through the unforgiving emptiness of one of the world’s ‘last great wildernesses’. Montagne TV a été un média incontournable du paysage de la télévision thématique en France. However, a deluge of morethan 3,000 proposed hydropower developments threaten to destroy the culture and ecology of this forgotten region. In 2002, mountain bikers and entrepreneurs Jen Zeuner and Anne Keller moved to Fruita,Colorado, in search of cheap rent, world-class single track, and free time to ride. Professional mountain bike athlete and artist Micayla Gatto adventures to the Indian Himalayas to experience the culture with her unique artistic perception. Arthur En Balade vous fait prendre de la hauteur et vous emmène dans ses expéditions. Insomma tutto ciò che può aiutare gli escursionisti ad affrontare un percorso con una padronanza maggiore. Every day, skier Richard Permin falls into his mundane morning routine. The Dark Peak Fell Runners base themselves in Sheffield, but their playground is the PeakDistrict National Park where they weave tracks through the fields, peat bogs and rocky outcrops to create a tapestry of eccentricity, endeavour and endurance. Six friends embark on a determined quest to climb and then BASE jump ‘The Lorax’, a formidable climb in remote western Tasmania. La course est créée en 2001 par Nicolao Lanfranchi, sportif féru de ski-alpinisme et de skyrunning [1].Il préside la course jusqu'en 2008. Sverri is a local Pastor and avid runner who uses his time on the trails to work through not only his own personal conflicts, but the conflicts of others he often is burdened with. Jacques is an 82-year-old badass athlete, but the real story is how he inspires us with his contagious love of life, epic tales of survival and his ability to counter aging through laughter. Conosciamo meglio il Pik Pobeda, che stanno tentando Simone Moro e Tamara Lunger, grazie al film "The white maze", che potete guardare integralmente qui He is following in his family’s ski tracks… right into backflips and tricks off of cliffs. Amo; in the native Rapa Nui Language means, to carry on ones shoulders. ❄️ Rebecca Rusch’s search for connection. The_Snowfeet, Super expérience au @bunjride à @tignesofficiel ⛷ avec @montagnetv Through failure and success, Alex Megos strives to bethe best climber in the world. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. He wishes he were half as active as she is, and her commitment to rediscovering herself is inspirational. Through his time spent in the mountains, he’s seen the effects of climate change first-hand and came to realize the way he was approaching the mountains was only making the problem worse. JaBig, a Montreal-based DJ, buys a bike on a whim and decides to attempt to beat the record for the longest continuous bike ride in a single country. In this film, Force of Nature Mirna Valerio overcomes the negative voices that don’t believe she belongs in the sport. Two years ago he changed his approach and set out to climb 100 peaks without burning any fossil fuels. Join two riders from Japan as they dive into the cultural history of the dolomites clattering up Via Ferratas and shredding down couloirs along the way. Seven days, three rivers, one woman. While ski towns fall asleep they head into the mountains to see them in a new light. Film-maker Zachary Barr takes an in-depth look into the sport. Montagne TV est la première chaîne de télévision thématique gratuite consacrée à la montagne. Or is it place that has formed his aesthetic? Marrakech, Berne, Paris, Londres…et Pralognan-la Vanoise sont les lieux de tournage du film d’espionnage anglais sorti en 2016. Mary Kudlak talks about fishing in Okpilik lake near Ulukhaktok as part of the Inuit Nunangat Taimannganit video project. The Moment captures the birth and success of the original freeride mountain bike movement. After the fall of the Soviet Union, Tajikistan, a former Soviet Socialist Republic, plunged into a devastating civil war. This is a love story between a badass woman scientist and one of the most elusive wild animals on earth set in the snowy high mountains of Western Canada. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Log In Notre communauté est profondément attachée à la protection de nos sommets, de chaque roc, arbre, torrent, lac, flocon, glacier, de chaque animal et de son territoire. La Montagne du Dieu cannibale est un film réalisé par Sergio Martino avec Ursula Andress, Stacy Keach. In this award-winning film, Rebecca Rusche cycles1,930km along the Ho Chi Minh Trail through the jungles of Vietnam. Questo sito utilizza cookies per migliorare la tua esperienza di navigazione. Way up inLadakh—at 16,500 feet, somewhere in the Gya-Miru Valley—lives a shepherdess with a flock of250 sheep and pashmina goats on a huge deserted rock-strewn mountain. Film sull'alpinismo e trekking. Punto di Non Ritorno – Sfida Estrema alla Montagna . It explores wild salmon’s slide toward extinction, threats posed by fish hatcheries and fish farms, and our continued loss of faith in nature. Experience fear and emotion alongside climber Jenny Abegg as she ascends MoonlightButtress while fighting the self-criticism and doubt from that little voice we all have in the back of our heads. Thabang Madiba somehow found his way into the world of trail running and in the last fewyears has become everyone’s favourite in the South African trail scene. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Per caso sapete quali sono in lingua italiana? Buona visione! I cuccioli della montagna : découvrez toutes les infos, la bande-annonce, le casting et les diffusions du film I cuccioli della montagna • Films en anglais • Réalisateurs • Producteurs • Offres d'abonnements fictions. Sa mère, Marie Ann, née Novelli, est commis d'expédition. L'hiver By Montagne TV, les initiatives sur la montagne de demain. Garder le lien : l'actualité Montagne TV depuis la maison jusqu'au bout des montagnes. Through a cinematic exploration of three extraordinary tree communities, Treeline brings forests alive on screen, illuminating the reciprocal bond between humanity and nature – a relationship we can’t survive without – and asks what responsibility we have to protect the exceptional forests that remain. Il tuo indirizzo email non sarà pubblicato. What’s more, he’ll ride a single-speed, fixed-gear bicycle and finish in the winter, approaching the Arctic Ocean by way of Canada’s northern most continental hamlet, Tuktoyaktuk in the Northwest Territories. Watch and if you are interested to learn more about Memphis Rox. Mirna navigated the rocky, exposed ridge lines, steep climbs and snow filled descents of Squaw Valley with an attitude unlike any other. Un film da vedere assolutamente! Will extreme weather and icy conditions defeat them? Closing lifts and the setting sun mark the end of the action for most skiers. Life has a way of putting us where we need to be. Venitelo a provare all'Outdoor Festival! Les idées fusent. Quand GlennMartinsen, #journaliste norvégien du #magazine @Kapital découvre la poudreuse française ❄️ Elle a été lancée le 12 octobre 2010 à 9 h. Elle se veut être une fenêtre ouverte sur un monde empreint de mythes et de mystères, sur des montagnes chargées d’aventures, sur des hommes et des femmes dopés à la découverte. The route, later named Silence, received a new grade of 9c and became the hardest route in the world. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. In the backwoods of British Columbia, three small but dedicated crews of adventure seekers were quietly changing the course of a sport and carving their paths in history. I campi obbligatori sono contrassegnati *. With the protection of Yellowstone grizzlies now under threat, Peacock reflects on the importance of habitat and why he continues to fight for wild causes. Since learning to ride on a beat-up clunker, to becoming the four-time National Champion at age 21, RJ’s story is one of boundless childhood dreaming and unstoppable determination, forged from junkyard scraps and tested on the rugged trails of the mighty Himalaya. Incidente aereo del Rutor, ritrovate le GoPro. Runner and advocate Faith E. Briggs used to run through the streets of Brooklyn every morning. Frozen Mind is not just a freeride film, it is a story of friendship and a journey of discovery as the two men take unique paths in order to conquer the same objectives. Steep mountains, the ocean, the sun, and the aurora borealis. The documentary follows skiers Jochen Mesle and Max Kroneck on their most ambitious ski tour yet. Two skiers enter, into a breathtaking creation of ancient Araucaria trees, looming volcanoes, and wind blown snow. Informazioni che non sempre è facile reperire e che possono far rinunciare un principiante ad affrontare un’escursione. ☑ Streaming FR – Film Tv Series. See more of on Facebook. pjcabrieres. As she’s learned several times throughout her life, things don’t always go as planned. He brought it home and built it back to a sea-worthy state over the course of a summer. Siksika horseman Allison Red Crow struggles to build a team with second-hand horses and a new jockey, Cody Big Tobacco, to take on the best riders in the Blackfoot Confederacy at the Calgary Stampede. Margo Hayes, a little-known 19 year old from Boulder Colorado, has moved to Europe to train and climb with the goal of succeeding on two of the most iconic 5.15s in France and Spain. Mother Earth, from filmmaker Damien Vergez, features mountain biker WilliamRobert​riding in British Columbia. Chaque mois, notre équipe de passionnés sélectionne pour vous de nouvelles œuvres à visionner, afin de prendre de la hauteur, de s'évader, de se passionner ou de se questionner sur les nouveaux enjeux environnementaux. My brother and I grew up paddling those wooden canoes in the Virginia rivers and the 1974 adventure became a legend in our family – shaping who we’ve become, how we view our parents, and how our parents view themselves. Create New Account. La montagne n'est pas au coeur de l'histoire, cependant les acteurs ont fait un saut dans la station française pour quelques plans. In his latest film Danny Macaskill takes on some child care the only way he knows how… by taking them for a wee bike ride around Scotland! Ai piedi del Cervino, il campo da golf di Cervinia è quello più in quota ed uno dei più antichi! […] ELISABETH E' SALVA di Agostino Da Polenza Elisabeth e i suoi soccorritori stanno andando a Skardu, lei proseguirà poi per Islamabad. 0. In the steep mountain jungles of Nepal’s Hongu river valley, members of the isolated Kulung culture have risked their lives for generations scaling dangerous cliffs to collect wild and toxic honey. Together with his old friend Pierre Hourticq, snowboarder Victor de le Rue tries to write a new story in the iconic mountains near Chamonix. Nous donnons la parole aux défricheuses, aux rêveurs, aux sportives, aux innovateurs, aux aventurières, aux entrepreneurs… In the summer of 2017, we renovated those canoes and with our aging parents completed their 1974 journey. Follow the first female Afghan mountaineering team as they navigate their first expedition and fight for recognition as athletes amongst their country, culture, and families. Se vi state rompendo i coglio annoiando in quarantena, non disperate. See more of on Facebook. Their instructions: charge as hard as you can every day. Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Easter Island is a place known the world across in myth and legend, but the people who call it home and the unique culture that they embody is often overlooked as the most valuable piece of the islands estranged story. Set in the streets of Bou Tharar and the wide, craggy valleys of the lower Atlas mountains, Aziza is the story of a young woman who has thrived in the world of ultra-running and how she has become a role model for other up-and-coming athletes in Morocco. La montagne est innovante ! The nature of reality is questioned by the contrast of what we do for a living. Mikhail Martin, co-founder of Brothers of Climbing said, “Iliterally typed, ‘Are there black climbers?’ in Google … someone said, ‘black people don’t climb.’”, Katie is tired of working behind a desk. Mirna Valerio takes on her first ever sky race at the 4th annual Broken Arrow Sky Race. He guides Elias through this forgotten world and reflects on the question, how a future can be built if the past still weighsso heavily. 4Play is India’s first adventure film company. At the end of 2017, rookie slopestyle MTB rider Emil Johansson was on top of the world. This is the story of Nouria Newman’s solo kayak adventure in the Indian Himalaya. What started as a hobby between forest firefighting seasons became a career which has helped shape the mountain bike scene on Vancouver Island. Blue Heart, now in its first digital release, documents the battle for the largest undammed river in Europe, Albania’s Vjosa, the effort to save the endangered Balkanlynx in Macedonia, and the women of Kruščica, Bosnia and Herzegovina, who are spearheading a months-long, 24/7 protest to protect their community’s only source of drinking water. MontagnetvPlus, c'est l’affirmation de notre identité. When 97-year-old runner George Etzweiler dons his lucky ancient green running shorts, he’s not just running to the summit of Mt Washington, he carries something special with him: the memory of his late wife of 68 years. or. Snow athletes Sam Smoothy, Xavier De Le Rue, Nadine Wallner and Fraser McDougall take on the challenge of skiing down New Zealand’s highest mountain, the notorious Mount Cook (Aoraki). Sign Up. Enter into the world of Oaxacan mountain bike culture during Mexico’s famous annual celebration known as Dia De Los Muertos. But not for Max Kronech and Jochen Mesle. Ce n’è per tutti i gusti, lungometraggi, cortometraggi, cartoni, insomma una lunga lista da cui poter scegliere. Retrouvez toutes les news et les vidéos de la série TV Les Montana. Compelled byJack London’s assertion, that ‘any man who is a man can travel alone’, I sought an adventure of perfect solitude. FranceMontagnes, Snowfeet + Bunjride in Tignes, France by Alexandrevillani Nous soutenons l'économie de Montagne à travers toutes ses initiatives de tourisme responsable et durable. Record-breaking mountain endurance athlete Greg Hill has never shied away from a goal. 8154562075004/. Afficher les thèmes Masquer les thèmes • Cinéma • Art et essais • Aventure • Ciné-Classique • Cinéma français • Cinéma Muet • Comédie • Comédie dramatique • Comédie musicale • Drame • Films Historiques • Guerre • Policier-Thriller • Cinéma du monde • Cinéma africa A Nordic Skater is the very first film about this little known sport. A child of the Khumbu, Apa Sherpa climbed Everest 21 times. In 1974, my 20-year-old parents and uncle Andy built their own canoes, launched them into the Pacific, and became some of the first people in modern history to canoe from Washington to Alaska up the Inside Passage. Facebook. D'abord attiré par la musique, il joue de la basse au sein du groupe Les Apocryphals, puis dans le groupe Chicago. The River’s Call follows seven kayakers through the deep canyons and challenging white water of the Rio Apurimac the farthest source of the Amazon in the heart of the Andes. In 2018, a group of Native American tribes put their differences aside and ran 1280 km to Bears Ears to send a message of unity. What began as an impromptu leap into the world of dog sledding, Aaron Natoniewski’s methodical approach to the sport and understanding of his dogs has inspired a team of sled hounds unlike any other. tvmountain la télévision de montagne sur le web basée à Chamonix Mont-Blanc. After a devastating breakup, Rafael finds solitude and restoration on the open road, pedaling his way to emotional health from Mexico City to northern Colorado. Let your spirit soar with lightness and the feeling of Hourya. Through his work at the Apa Sherpa Foundation, he aims to create a different future for his people., Big Mountain rider Jeremy Jones dissects his lifelong passion for the simple sacred feeling he calls “The Glide.”,, How can you be what you can’t see? Now, she’s running 150 miles through three U.S. National Monuments that lay in the thick of the controversy around public lands. In the midst of Kosovo, an area that’s been haunted by war and ethical conflicts, Elias Elhardt discovers the small ski resort Brezovica.Snowboard enthusiast Hamdi is one of the locals that now wants to breathe new life into this special place. Billdertakes a closer look at the craft and dedication behind the trails we sometimes take for granted. Kids and bikes; wherever you are in the world, they go together. @MontagneTV nous pensons que le futur s'écrit Aujourd'hui. start_radio=1&t=5. While dealing with one of the darkest times of her life, processing family trauma and recovering from injury, Azzah overhears a conversation around the question, “what do you want to do before you die?” Inspired and energized, she rushes home and begins her bucket list. A 100% self powered adventure from southern Germany all the way to the mediterranean sea. Through the inspiring legacy of Mary Vaux we will venture onto the Illecillewaet Glacier, reenacting her research and her mountain travel in the restriction of Victorian dresses. Aventures, rencontres, environnement et émotions pures en Montagne... à retrouver sur MontagnetvPlus. An international team of kayakers heads to Pakistan to attempt a descent of the fabled Rondu Gorge, on the Indus river. Artifishal is a film about people, rivers, and the fight for the future of wild fish and the environment that supports them. Back flip et sans risque à l’atterrissage …, PJ Cabrieres The Passage is a story about growing up, growing old, and the wild places that define us. Retrouvez toute l'actualité en vidéo du ski français grâce à FFSTV ! A beautiful cultural film that will sweep you away to an exotic far away location. On the heels of a historic 5.15d ascent, we follow climber Adam Ondra from his home in the Czech Republic, across Europe to North America, as he innovates new training methods, establishes upper echelon first ascents, and attempts to be the first person to send 5.15 on the first try.

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